Welcome to Bevel Webworks! This is the place to find information about me and to see examples of my work, skills, and outside interests.

My employment history includes Technology Specialist and Web Specialist at Lindbergh School District in St. Louis County; and a Copy Editor and Computer Systems Director in Port Angeles, Washington.  For more detailed information, please refer to my resume.

In addition to my web, graphic and video skills, I build, upgrade, modify, repair and maintain desktop PCs.  I am a freelance web designer and technology consultant.

PA BSAFor several years, I roasted my own coffee from raw green beans in coffee roasters of my own design and construction. Currently, I am teaching myself to build electric guitars, and have successfully completed built two from scratch so far.  Last year, I entered the fascinating world of honeybees when I became part time beekeeper.  During my time at the Peninsula Daily News, I built a 1967 BSA A65 Lightning motorcycle inside my apartment. (Getting it outside when I was done was more of a challenge than the build itself.)

My employment history, various areas of expertise and diverse hobbies clearly demonstrate my professional growth, multifaceted skills and my ability to research desired objectives, set objectives and reach them.


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  T-Shirts and Print Publications
  Header Sliders

These are header sliders I created for Lindbergh Schools websites.

  Indoor and Outdoor Banners

These are indoor and outdoor banners that I created for Lindbergh Schools.